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Shout out to all the nurses!

It goes without saying that the surgeon saved my life. He took a chance on me when no one else was willing to. However, it was my nurses I couldn't have made it without. There is nothing comfortable about being in the hospital, anyone who has had to stay in one knows that, but these men and women were everything to me. There wasn't a day that went by that someone, usually many of them, didn't tell me how great I looked (did I mention they're also accomplished liars, ha-ha). It really bothers me that I can't remember their names. There was the one that straddled and fought me to place my ng tube, we became friends later. The one that was always on top of pain management, God bless her. The sweet kid that did his best but was terribly new, he taught me patience and I taught his advisor to quit flirting with the other nurses and step up his game to teach the kid his job.

Then there was Cat, she was my favorite, I clung to her like a lifeline. She explained everything that was being done to me, she intervened on my behalf when the radiologists didn't seem to realize I could not breathe if laying completely flat, I only needed one tap of an incline to feel secure for crying out loud. She stopped in the hallway during transfers to let me see the bay from my bed no matter how big of a hurry everyone else was in. Most importantly she learned my language when I couldn't talk. She was my main interpreter and taught the other nurses my language too. One of my favorite things was when she was in the room when this pompous intern came in and shook his head daily, proclaiming loudly that the transplant team would never approve a transplant for me because I was having a period (I still have no idea what that was about. If he was going into obstetrics or gynecology may the Lord have mercy on whatever lady gets him as a Dr), Cat just looked at me and rolled her eyes and I rolled them back, laughing at him.

Needless to say, these people were my people, my tribe. They made me smile, they gave me heated blankets when I was cold, removed those same blankets when I was too warm, they rubbed my arm when I was crying, they championed my battles, and they were my cheerleaders. I was so scared to leave ICU because even though it meant I was going to be ok, I had to leave them. So just in case I didn't say it enough when I could talk again, Thank You with all my heart for all you do and know that even when we can't say it, we appreciate you more than you know for the seemingly unappreciated job you do.

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