Real or Not Real in The Twilight Zone

Updated: May 30

Everybody remembers that part in The Hunger Games when Peeta plays Real or Not Real about his trackerjacker hijacking right? Thats what I feel like when trying to put together the pieces of what happened when I was in the hospital. I remember vivid escape dreams that included me hot wiring my own car that was conveniently parked outside my hospital room. I also dreamt of being scared out of my mind that my ex-husband was trying to get into my hospital room with the help of his mother, and of being strapped to the bed much like Peeta. Only the last one was true. My family has played this game with me for the past year. As we come up on the one-year anniversary I think I've got most of it now. I'll randomly call them with weird questions out of the blue. Last week it was about a procedure that I had done that I remember a nurse saying the Dr. may not perform because I was being disobedient. I can't prove that part, but I did ask my dad about the procedure in question. I remember only him telling me I had to let them do something and it would be quick and not to worry, then going to sleep and waking up with everybody saying it was successful. He told me that it was a procedure to change my ventilator type to a kind that could be changed from dependent to not dependent. I was having problems breathing at night.

People have asked me what I remember, because they say people in comas can hear you. I remember only my nightmares, mostly of me being an escape artist. I know they talked to me because they said so, and if I could hear them, I don't remember. What did you hear? What do you remember?

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